Why it is sometimes better to employ temporary or contract workers Why employ temp or contract workers? Contractors are a useful solution for employers looking to successfully navigate periods of transition or steer a business in a new direction. You may have up and coming projects for which you’ll require additional support; from Project Management, Commissioning […]

Energy Generation The way the world manages energy is changing rapidly. We are in a period of transformation from power being generated by a small number of massive generation sources to hundreds, thousands, and eventually, millions of sources of energy distributed around the country, from solar and wind farms to electric vehicles and connected homes […]

How to get a new job using LinkedIn As recruiters we spend LOADS of time on LinkedIn and this means we’re pretty good at spotting great profiles and prospective employees. If you’re looking for a new role then we would recommend getting yourself on LinkedIn and here’s our top five tips on how you can […]

The crucial role of battery storage in achieving Net Zero We’re not talking about the collection of used batteries that might have accumulated in your kitchen drawer over the past few years; Battery storage, or battery energy storage systems (BESS) refers to the devices in place that facilitate the storage and delivery of energy from […]

Searching for a job in the Built and New Energy Environment can be a daunting task. It is often difficult to know where to start; Linkedin can be intimidating, and it is hard to know which virtual ‘door’ to knock on and what to say. When things don’t seem to be going anywhere, it can […]

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