6 ways to reduce stress in the workplace

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Make it happen: 6 ways to reduce stress in the workplace

  1. Speak to someone

Discussing the problem with a colleague/supervisor can help reduce the stress, as it may be something they can help you or help you come up with a solution to deal with it. Also sometimes it just helps to think out loud and discuss the problem as it may not be as stressful as you have built up in your head.

  1. Take a break

Try switch off from work for half hour or so, go for a walk in your lunch break, try not to sit at your desk eating your lunch while still taking phone calls/emails. We appreciate/understand that sometimes there is not time to take a full lunch break, but as and when you can try and take a break, even 10 minutes, clear your head and then get back to work with a fresh view after giving yourself a little break.

  1. Organisation

Try organise your day in the morning or the night before (a weekly plan can help as well). This helps making sure you are fitting in enough time to get everything done, also it’s one less thing to stress about. If you have everything written down on a to do list, you just need to tick it off, which can be satisfying in itself. Saves you stressing about what you may have missed etc.

Also keep your desk and work area as tidy as possible, tidy desk = tidy mind.

  1. Get a good night sleep

After a good night sleep, you feel ready for any challenge thrown your way! It can make such a difference to your mental attitude towards the day. Recommended 8 hours a night. Also try turn off any phones etc. 1 hour before sleep, this way you can fall into a more relaxed deep sleep. Rather than your mind running 100mph with everything going on at work.

  1. Exercise

If you can fit in 30 mins of Exercise and other physical activity this will produce endorphins in the brain that can improve the ability to sleep, which as discussed above can reduce stress! Also sometimes it is just good to switch off from everything and focus on a challenge that is not work related.

  1. Eat right and drink water

Look after yourself. Along with exercising and getting a good nights sleep. You need to have a good diet. It is not always the easiest to do, as you get stressed, busy, then when do you have time to make a healthy lunch??? Stress negatively affects bloody pressure and blood flow, but nutrients from eating well can improve this!

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