Recruitment In a post-Covid World

As the UK dust off their dancing shoes and reclaim space for those dumbbells bought back in March, questions also begin to arise about how the valiant charge toward normality will change industry practices that have been tipped on their heads in the last year.

The recruitment industry, previously cherishing human interaction through face to face interviews, providing expertise, and building relationships with clients and candidates, will hold dear the opportunity to go back to this way of business.

However, as things do go back to normal, and as face masks and social distancing become a distant memory to be forgotten, there will be attitude changes that remain. These changes make it necessary to assess job search and hiring strategies.

Stability and Transparency Will Be Key

Over the last year, circumstances felt nationwide concerning jobs; or a lack of such, have likely left a permanent shift in the priorities held when searching for a candidate or client.

Increased uncertainty has unsurprisingly made many people narrow in on stability, and let other factors fall at the wayside. Particularly in the built environment, with new tax legislations making things harder, many candidates and hiring managers don’t want the risk.

As applications for roles surge across the board, the relationship between recruiters, hiring companies, and candidates looking for jobs, will need to be extremely transparent. The ability to marry job requirements with the ambitions and skills held by a candidate is made more difficult by remote work likely persisting on a wide scale for some time.

Remote working and Zoom interviews, whilst providing benefits such as increased flexibility, have also opened up the competition in the job market on a global scale. If candidates and hiring managers no longer need to be in the same country to interview, the task of identifying which ones align with your values becomes increasingly difficult. If you previously held reservations about using recruiters in your search, it may be time to rethink.

Using Online to Your Advantage

Whilst the lack of in-person relationship building and talent spotting is still something that many industries are muddling through, there are advantages to be found.

For many roles, particularly within the built environment, remote working is tricky, and thus identifying those who can work on-site will largely; at least in the coming months, rely on remote working being an option. If easily established in job interviews and candidate searches, this looks to be a beneficial offering, not only for those who look for this option out of preference but for industries needing to make it possible for workers that are essential on-site to be there.

Help Recruiters Help You

Amidst ongoing periods of change, there comes the need for a strategic stock take of where skill gaps lie, and whether your business goals and talent requirements have shifted. The winning recipe for succeeding before Covid may no longer be appropriate as we move toward an exit. To hit the ground running, clear communication with recruiters will be essential.

The current market shake-up; whilst causing a lot of volatility in the hiring process, is an opportunity for quality strategic business decisions. There’s a lot of high-quality available talent and roles currently, and this is to increase as things ease. However, making a poor hiring decision, or undertaking a role under a false understanding of the details can be detrimental to business growth post-COVID-19.

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Author: Merlin Parr