5 great interview tips

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5 great interview tips

Knowledge on the company

Make sure you know about the company you are interviewing for, try find out different bits of information that shows you haven’t just spent 5 minutes looking at their website memorising a couple of facts, try find something different to what everyone else will have probably already found out, they will be happy that you have actually spent the time.

Also any knowledge on the competitors is helpful!

Prepare questions for the end

At the end of the interview you will probably be asked if you have any questions, it is always good to have a couple prepared as asking questions shows an interest in the job/company. It also shows your knowledge on your understanding of the company if you are able to ask questions.  


Take a copy of your CV and a notebook

Makes you look prepared, a notebook to take notes of important things, not the whole time as you want to be interactive not just looking at a notebook. This shows genuine interest in the role.

Put away the phone!

It is easy to pull out your phone while you are sitting in the waiting room, try to avoid this! As it is better if you sit there either reading any notes you have or just waiting politely, smiling.

Tell a story

Have a few examples of when you have been put in certain situations so when they come up in the interview, you can tell a little story about a situation you have been in that is similar. This will show your personality while also getting across experience. Makes the conversation flow better when you are both chatting rather than them just asking you lots of questions.

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