Earth day 2021: Striving for a Better Tomorrow

As the likes of David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg and many other influential figures bring popularity around the discussion of climate change, and environmental initiatives for positive action, we as a society are becoming more and more aware of the error of our ways in the past.

This is a great start, however as research is beginning to show, we need to move considerably faster and wider for this to take effect in the way it needs to. Earth day is about taking valuable moments out of our busy schedules to reflect on ways that we can change for the better, and to appreciate the beautiful world we are blessed to call home. However, it is also largely a day in which powerful speakers worldwide can come together and address the change that has to happen for the sake of our and our children’s futures.


EARTHDAY.ORG is the largest recruiter to the mission to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. They are currently working with 75,000 partners in over 192 countries to drive positive action for our planet. The three-day summit that occurs, spanning this year from the 20th-23rd of April 2021, has a host of influential and powerful speakers across the globe speaking out and inspiring positive change.

This year over the three days we had the global youth summit, we shall breathe summit, #teach4theplanet – global education summit, and finally on the 22nd of April there was the Biden Administrations global climate summit, which ran parallel with EARTHDAY.ORG’s live digital event.

The Global Youth Summit

The global youth summit which kicked things off on the 20th saw youth activists around the globe valiantly speak up about global areas of concern. Greta Thunberg was the first to take the floor, in which she discussed the importance of the day, and the emphasis on the necessary pressure that companies and countries around the world must be aware of to stick to their net-zero promises.

Other speakers followed, bringing forward concerns that included climate literacy, biodiversity protection, sustainable agriculture, the creation of green jobs, civic skill training, environmental justice, environmental migration and borders, the protection of democracy and free speech, governmental policymaking, and political will. Following which a list of demands was produced, to be addressed at President Biden’s World leaders summit on the 22nd.

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Global Education Summit

The #Teach4theplanet global education summit focused on how vital it is for climate action to occur, to be able to universally embed climate literacy into schools worldwide. Inspiring speakers displayed that if we want the sustainable, green and clean world of tomorrow, this doesn’t just fall at the feet of large corporations, it also hugely starts at school.

The summit aims to work towards providing teachers, parents, carers, and students with the utility tools to be a part of true change. It aimed to shine a light on the diverse education settings around the world and the compounding impact that climate literacy will have on the future of our planet.

By being able to equip teachers with the tools to tackle climate denialism, unwillingness to learn, and inherent ignorance to real issues that are not at the fault of students, but down the lack of education about what is happening, and what will happen if we carry on the way we are, the campaign ensures that students worldwide benefit from high-quality education to develop into “informed and engaged environmental stewards”.

Biden Administrations “Leaders on Climate Change” Summit

On Earth day itself, world leaders got together virtually to address the concerns and calls for educational and environmental initiatives presented over the three days. During Biden’s speech at the virtual summit, he committed the United States to cut emissions by half by the end of the decade and to increase funds to vulnerable countries to fight climate change.

Avril Haines, who is the director of national intelligence, stressed powerfully to world leaders that that climate change must be “fully integrated” with national security, and that it was no more to be seen as a peripheral issue. Following this, The C.I.A announced that it was adding a new category that covered the environment in its world factbook, which will provide the latest country data on climate change.

Earth Day, and the global summits that it hosted, provided world leaders, influential figures, and youth around the world with a call-to-action for change, to research, to chuck out old habits, but most of all to appreciate more that our future is not just a given and that the impact of a single person compounds when the message is shared worldwide.

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Author: Merlin Parr